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Welcome to iPodVideos!

This site catalogs video content available for the new Apple iPod, as well as popular clips for iPodLinux. Ever wanted to watch "Russian Climbing," or that numa numa guy on your iPod? We've got those videos and a whole lot more, all perfectly formatted for the new iPod.

iPodVideos offers hundreds of videos for the iPod, most in H264. Downloads are handled through a small server and BitTorrent encouraged to avoid bandwidth restraints. (Notice, no banner ads!) However, this site is intended only for the legal distribution of videos. Before posting a link to a video, contributors should ensure that its original author has consented to non-commercial distribution of the content.

Visit the archives and find something you like! If you're new to BitTorrent, you can find a brief explanation and tutorial for downloading files in the tutorials section. Have something you'd like to share? We're always looking for new videos: homemade creations, animated shorts, demo reels, whatever you've got. Click Submit in the menu above to get started. You can submit your content by uploading a torrent or providing a link to the file on another site (putfile, for example).

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