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Mathomatic for iPhone

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Need to solve a system of equations, simplify a complex polynomial or check your homework? Look no further! Ported from a desktop solution that has been in development since 1986, Mathomatic is the first full-fledged symbolic math solution for the iPhone.

Mathomatic features an attractive, easy-to-use interface. Unlike most iPhone calculators, it displays expressions in 2D. Even the most complex equations are easy to read! The bar above the keyboard scrolls so you can view long expressions. The output pane shows the expressions you've entered and clicking one allows you to jump back to it. Trying to work through a difficult problem? Mathomatic shows steps when solving systems of equations, so it's easy to see what you missed!




The application does not support functions, such as cos() and sin(). However, some functions, such as log(), can be computed by solving expressions like 10^x = 100.

For more information about Mathomatic for iPhone and the open-source Mathomatic project, check out the Mathomatic website! Please let us know if you have any problems, and be sure to rate the application if you enjoy using it.